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29 May 2023

Call for new university partners in the field of dealing with complex pasts cultural heritage

We invite you to participate in an inter-European university dialogue, centered around the pressing theme of addressing "uneasy", "problematic", or "difficult" heritage in its various tangible and intangible forms. Our principal goal is to explore how universities navigate complex historical relationships, including colonial histories, North-South dynamics, and collections influenced by authoritarian regimes. Universities play a critical role as spaces for critical thinking and societal engagement, shaping our understanding of locally, nationally, and globally significant heritage. This encompasses not only looted cultural objects or sensitive exhibits in university museum collections, but also the broader system of thought, expression, and representation that can perpetuate racial, social, and cultural inequalities. While colonialism and authoritarian regimes have influenced scientific development, they have also left long-standing legacies of exclusion and injustices that demand redress. This dialogue emphasizes the responsibility of present-day university institutions in confronting these legacies and their profound implications for contemporary research, education, and representational practices. Join us in this meaningful exploration of our shared commitment to understanding and rectifying the complexities of heritage in a rapidly evolving world.

If you are interested in participating in this initiative or would like to obtain further information, please feel free to contact Prof. Markéta Křížová, PhD at marketa.krizova@ruk.cuni.

The deadline for submissions is June 20, 2023.

Your response and active participation in productive discussions are greatly anticipated.

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